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Feeling in Monochrome

Roxy's Journal

6 October 1988
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My name is Roxy, I live in a little island called Puerto Rico

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Yeap, that one up there. It has some pretty awesome beaches and such so come visit if you haven't!! ^__^

I am very into japanese rock music. I like visual kei, angura kei, oshare kei, whatever other keis that may exist and all other form of japanese rock. Recently I've also started to listen to Korean pop and hip-hop. The two artist I'm genuinely into are Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK, TVXQ, Tohoshinki, take your pick xD) and Big Bang. ~__^

I climbed Mount [ Satoshi ] and reached the peak.

I climbed Mount [ Kaoru ] and reached the peak.

Ravishing Outstanding Xhibitionist Adeptly Needing Naughty Embraces

Stud Administering Thrilling Orgasms and Sensual, Hot Indulgence

Xcellent Ideal Adonis Hungering for Joyful Undulation and Naughty, Sensual Unions

Get Your Sexy Name

OMG!! This game is a-fucking-mazing!!


Cool puzzle game - try to unblock red block. Drag the blocks to move them left or right, up or down, ...